Unicorn Consulting GmbH works with solid investor groups and our job is to select and analyze potential properties. For the year 2008 we look for real estate valued up to 2 Billion Euros. 
Nursing Homes
First class owner operated.
Lease up to 15 years.
Purchase price 13 times rent income.
Hotels Owner operated. Lease up to 15 years .
Super Markets, Discount Stores and Specialty Stores.
Lease up to 10 years. Purchase price up to 14 times rent income.
Apartment  Houses
Up to 50 units without major  renovations. Porchase price up to14 times rent  Income.
Outlet Stores ,Furniture Stores
At least half rented to solid owners.
Leases up to 10 years
Purchase price up to 14 times rent income
1A owner operated
Lease up to 20 years
Purchase price up to 14 times rent income.
Offices and Office Buildings
Rented at least half to present owners.
Lease up to 8 years. Purchase price 14 times rent income.
Potential foreign markets, Europe, U.S.A. United Arab Counties as well as Russia and the Ukraine.