The Unicorn Consult GmbH

promotes and negotiates credit lines not below at USD 10 MIO, aimed at the realization of immovable projects (hotels, real estate, turistic villages, commercial centers, private clinical, productive structures etc.) 
The projects of our interest are those that, ones realized, permit to the borrower to reimburs the credit obtained. The Unicorn Consult GmbH will provide, in consequence to effect the relating financial risk evaluation in order to check the feasibility of the projects.


  • LOAN    From the 70% to the 100% of the  investment.    
  • PERIOD 10 years.    

  • a: Bond  in one solution
  • after 10 years from the erogation of the credit (120%). 
  • b: Coupons annual
  • reimbursement for 10 years from the erogation of the credit (7%). 



Deposit in escrow of the 100% of the shares (stock certificate) of an offshore society that we will incorporate on the account of the borrower and of a collateral issued by an insurance company that will be proposed by the Unicorn Consult GmbH and their partners.


  • LOAN USD 10 MIO    
  • REIMBOURSEMENT Bond  USD 12 MIO (after 10 years)    
  • Coupon  USD 700,000 for year for 10 years USD 7 MIO.    

(Total face interest 19% - Total real interest 4,22%)

The real interest of the 4,22% is obtained through the annual investment at 7% of the rate of the principa not reimbursed. For an eventual preliminary evaluation of a project we need to receive the following informations: Type of the project - Cost necessary for the realization of the project - Amount of the financing requested - Country where the investment will be developped -Briefs economic informations of the borrower.